Getting started with VEON
General Information
What can I do with VEON?

Message and call all your VEON contacts, listen to music and explore content channels on VEON.

Who can I message in VEON?

You can chat with all your contacts who have joined VEON. Send a message to a VEON friend or create group chats for multiple firends, share your location and send photos and videos. To message contacts not on VEON, simply invite them to join.

How do I invite my friends to use VEON?

Open your VEON Contacts and tap on the Invite Friends button. Select the contacts you want to invite to VEON, tap next to review the invite message and press send. Your contacts will be sent an SMS with a link to download VEON.

Can I use VEON when I travel abroad?

Yes, use VEON while travelling, for free with a WIFI connection. You will be subject to data charges if you use 3G/4G in accordance to your tariff for roaming services.

Can I login to Veon from another device?

Once you have created your account you can use VEON on any other compatible device. Note that the session on the first device will be interrupted.

Do I need to verify my phone number every time I enter the Veon application?

No you do not, once your phone number has been verified it gets registered with your account.

Jazz Account & Incentives
Where can I check my Jazz usage?

Go to My VEON by tapping My VEON button at the bottom right of your screen. Here you can see your Jazz account usage and plan details, if you’ve already linked your Jazz account with VEON.

Why do I have to link my Jazz account with VEON?

To access the full features of VEON including free calls, viewing your Jazz account details and seeing other Jazz offers inside VEON, you must link your Jazz account with VEON.

Is it possible to top up my prepaid account?

Yes, it’s possible to top-up your account from the VEON app. You can acces the top-up option from the dashboard screen. You can use your saved card or enter details of a new card. You can choose the amount and the number to top-up. You will get confirmation of your top-up transaction.

What are VEON Incentives?

VEON gives you three different kinds of rewards, the Sign Up reward, the MGM reward and the Daily Usage reward.

How can I get an MGM reward?

Member-Get-Member or MGM is when you invite your friends to join VEON. When they accept your invite you get a reward of 100 MB data on your Jazz account.

How can I get a Daily Usage reward?

When you chat with your friends on VEON, you are given 25 MB data on your Jazz account for 1 day.

Deals & Offers
What are Offers in VEON?

VEON keeps updating its users with new and exciting rewards and gifts from its partners regularly. The more you use VEON the more chances you have to avail these offers.

Where can I see Offers in VEON?

You can find Offers in VEON in the channels they are being offered by. You can also follow these channels to get these offers directly in your chats inbox.

How can I save an Offer in VEON?

When you open an offer, tap on the “Get Offer” button at the bottom to save it in your offers in My VEON.

Where do all my saved offers go?

All the offers that you save are listed in My VEON.

How can I redeem an Offer in VEON?

Different offers have different redemption mechanisms, you can get a text code, QR code or URLs etc to redeem offers.

Can I delete a saved offer?

Yes, in your saved offers, swipe left on the offer you want to delete, then tap on delete to remove the saved offer.

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